Thermal Energy Storage (TES)


Design and Specification for the following TES systems:

(** Indicates KSE study resulted in TES implementation.)

  • Peer Review of TES study and TES Design for California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.
  • Reviewing Engineer for ESCO project for California Department of Correction Calipatria Prison chilled water TES system.
  • ** College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA: 2,500 ton-hour ice storage TES system, integrated with 2,500 ton-hour eutectic salt storage TES system.
  • ** Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA: 7,000 ton-hour chilled water storage TES system.
  • University of San Diego, Expansion of existing TES system with cross connection to existing campus cogen – absorption chiller system.
  • ** Court House, Visalia, Tulare County.  Design retrofit ice TES system (1,300 T-H).
  • ** Pasadena Center, Pasadena, Study and Design of 2,500 T-H ice storage TES system with chiller system optimization.
  • ** Mount Carmel High School, Poway Unified School District, TES (1,400 Ton-Hours) combined with gas fired chiller and heat recovery for swimming pool.
  • ** Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital, Los Angeles, CA.  6,000 ton-hours eutectic salt.
  • ** TES PLUS Project for Saddleback Community College, Mission Viejo, California. 4,800 ton hours eutectic salt system in conjunction with existing rejuvenated ice storage system.
  • ** GA Technologies, Inc., La Jolla, California: 90 ton-hour Calmac System.
  • ** TES Consultant to Transphase, Inc. (Engineer of Record) for 500,000 gals. fire reservoir to use as chilled water storage tank at McDonnell Douglas, Culver City, CA.
  • TES Consultant to Transphase, Inc. (Engineer of Record) for 6,000 Ton-Hour Eutectic Salt TES system for Marriott Desert Springs, CA.
  •  TES Consultant to Transphase, Inc. (Engineer of Record) for 4,200 Ton-Hour Eutectic Salt TES system for Hughes Radar Systems Group, Los Angeles, CA.
  • ** Sierra Mira Mesa Office Building, San Diego, CA. 1400 ton‑hours Transphase Eutectic Salt system.
  • ** Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa, California: 2600 ton‑hours, Calmac Ice system.
  • ** Joe Mueller Office Building, Laguna Niguel, CA. 100 ton‑hours Calmac Ice System.
  • TES Design for TES upgrade at Rancho Bernardo High School, Poway.
  • TES Controls upgrade for TES system at Mount Carmel High School, Poway.


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