Services & Specialties


Thermal Energy Storage (TES) a technically simple process whereby cooling produced at night during reduced energy cost periods is stored for use during the day. TES systems benefit the consumer through reduced energy costs, and the electric utility company by shifting energy loads to off-peak periods, thereby helping to defer costs associated with growth in the required utility capacity. Our feasibility studies have a high ratio of developing into actual project implementation.


Energy studies and industrial energy conservation plans, facility energy plans (Govt), process optimization and conservation load profile analysis, system optimization, cost reduction through load analysis, peak shaving and load shifting.

Energy audits for all types of buildings and facilities, energy conservation project analysis leading to design and specification of the projects or design build project for alternative energy, demand shifting opportunities, including cogeneration, absorption chilling and gas engine driven chillers.


With the deregulation for electricity costs it is paramount that facility managers are fully aware of the effects that different and varying electric rate schedules have on their utility bills. Having been involved for many years with energy/economic analysis, we are highly qualified to analyze electrical load profiles and assist in making informed decisions on available rates. Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) and Real Time Pricing (RTP) are new rate structures that can be economically beneficial if utilized and applied correctly.


HVAC for every type of building, from the smallest to the largest installation, for commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, scientific, medical, military and residential buildings or facilities. Our services include all phases of work including surveys, analysis, studies, reports, design, specification, contract management,  supervision and commissioning of projects. Through our experience in designing and analyzing systems we have become proficient in trouble shooting of existing installations. Our approach is to simplify systems for ease of operations with an emphasis on simple control sequences with the necessary information so that the operating personnel understand the system and are in charge of the operating procedures.

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