Energy Audits & Analysis


  •   Selected by California Energy Commission for the Energy Partnership Program (EEP) in the following categories:
    1. Energy Audits
    2. New Construction Design Assistance


    Energy studies and industrial energy conservation plans, facility energy plans (Govt), process optimization and conservation load profile analysis, system optimization, cost reduction through load analysis, peak shaving and load shifting.

    Energy audits for all types of buildings and facilities, energy conservation project analysis leading to design and specification of the projects or design build project for alternative energy, demand shifting opportunities, including cogeneration, absorption chilling and gas engine driven chillers.

    • Energy Audit for City of West Covina
    • (after implementation, the City received Energy Award from the CEC)
    • Energy Audit/TES Assistance for Civic Center, Pasadena
    • Energy Audit for Kern County
    • Energy Audit for City of San Bernardino
    • Energy Audit/TES and centralizing 5 systems study for Contra Costa County
    • Design for Visalia Court House TES retrofit, County of Tulare
    • *  Navy Facility Energy Plan:  Develope energy conservation projects ETAP & ECIP
    • Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California.
    • Naval Medical Clinic, Naval Station, San Diego, California.
    • Naval Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, California.
    • Naval Ship Weapon System, Port Hueneme, California.
    • Naval Air Station, El Centro, California.
    • Naval Station, Long Beach, California.
    • Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, California.
    • Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, San Diego, California.
    • Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona.
    • Naval Electronics System Engineering Center, San Diego, CA.
    • Naval Air Rework Facility, North Island, San Diego,California.
    • Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Los Angeles, CA.
    • *  Peak Load Reduction Plan and Energy Management and Control Systems Training
    • (California Energy Commission in collaboration with California Department of Corrections)
    • Assist with preparing all 33 California State Prisons for demand shifting techniques before the expected black out alerts.
    • Visit all 33 California State prisons and train operating personnel in energy conservation and energy management techniques to achieve electrical demand reduction and conserve energy.
    • Feasibility Study and air conditioning and evaporative cooling comparison for typical “270” Housing Units for California State Prisons.



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