• Energy Audit for City of West Covina
  • (after implementation, the City received Energy Award from the CEC)
  • Energy Audit/TES Assistance for Civic Center, Pasadena
  • Energy Audit for Kern County
  • Energy Audit for City of San Bernardino
  • Energy Audit/TES and centralizing 5 systems study for Contra Costa County
  • Design for Visalia Court House TES retrofit, County of Tulare
  • *  Navy Facility Energy Plan:  Develope energy conservation projects ETAP & ECIP
  • Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California.
  • Naval Medical Clinic, Naval Station, San Diego, California.
  • Naval Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, California.
  • Naval Ship Weapon System, Port Hueneme, California.
  • Naval Air Station, El Centro, California.
  • Naval Station, Long Beach, California.
  • Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, California.
  • Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, San Diego, California.
  • Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona.
  • Naval Electronics System Engineering Center, San Diego, CA.
  • Naval Air Rework Facility, North Island, San Diego,California.
  • Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Los Angeles, CA.
  • *  Peak Load Reduction Plan and Energy Management and Control Systems Training
  • (California Energy Commission in collaboration with California Department of Corrections)
  • Assist with preparing all 33 California State Prisons for demand shifting techniques before the expected black out alerts.
  • Visit all 33 California State prisons and train operating personnel in energy conservation and energy management techniques to achieve electrical demand reduction and conserve energy.
  • Feasibility Study and air conditioning and evaporative cooling comparison for typical “270” Housing Units for California State Prisons.


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