About Klaus Schiess

  • Klaus Schiess is president of KSEngineers.
  • Born in Switzerland he is naturalized US citizen and has worked on three continents.
  • Speaks several languages – English, German, Afrikaans, Swiss, some French.
  • Former Swiss national champion and record holder in high hurdles and a Springbok high jumper in South Africa.


  • B.Sc Eng. (ME) (CEM)
  • University of the Witwatersrand – Johannesburg, South Africa.


  • Registered Professional Engineer in California, Maryland, Hawaii and South Africa.
  • Certified Energy Manager CEM
  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • Value Engineering Analyst
  • AEE Energy Professional Development Award in San Diego, CA 1994
  • Life Member of ASHRAE
  • Member of AEE (Association of Energy Engineers)
  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • Who’s Who in Engineering

4 comments on “About Klaus Schiess

  1. jeff Bindon says:

    Hi Klaus

    I was a class mate st PBHS and also had a career in mechanical engineering.

    jeff Bindon

    • KSEngineers says:

      Hi Jeff, I do not know if I ever have seen this message or not. I only discovered another one over a year later and saw yours as well. We may have discussed things but I cannot check as my old computer crashed and I can’t trace back your name. So, whatever, hello and lekker bly.

      Klaus, KSEngineers@aol.com for quicker response.

  2. steve banerjee says:

    Hello this is salil’s son stephen.how have you been?I was just in Johannesburg. God what a mess.do you think lacrosse would work well in gauteng?are you still the good tennis player you use to be?.tell me if u need any assistance…..-stephen banerjee.

    • KSEngineers says:

      Hi Stephen. What a surprise to hear from you. I only found this message now, so you must have thought I have moved on as well. But how do you remember me? We left Beech Leaf Court in 1983 and you must be in your forties. Yes, I probably play now my best tennis at age 78 with all the tricks I have to do because of my age. But I get a lot of compliments at how agile and fit I am. Are you an engineer that you got onto my website? And you remember that we came from South Africa. How is your mother? If you reply to this use KSEngineers@aol.com then I discover it much earlier. Where do you live now and what kind of assistance could you offer, engineering? I still work a little, keeps my mind fresh and one never stops learning. Thanks for contacting me, sorry it took so long. Klaus

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